Wednesday, 28 April 2010

That's How I got to Manchester

My short story, 'That's How I got to Manchester' was named after the Tom T Hall song, 'That's How I got to Memphis'. It was written originally for the Rainy City Stories website, and sits on there in its perfect location at the Hilton Hotel.

Recently, as part of Bad Language, we were interviewed about the idea of writers and their environment. Charlotte Carpenter, who interviewed us, took my story away as a recording, and has come back with a rather wonderful extract, complete with sound effects. It really is rather special, so I've added it below for you all to listen to at your own whim!

Because Blogger doesn't allow us to put mp3 files directly on here, I've embedded it as a video, along with a slideshow of photos Charlotte took as part of the project about writers and their environments.

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