Wednesday, 13 April 2011

NaPo WriMo: Day 12

Day twelve, nearly halfway there! One of my all time favourite songs is Citrus by The Hold Steady. Essentially, an ode to whiskey and ginger beer cocktails, it's about a hell of a lot more, and it contains one of my favourite lines, "I've had kisses that make judas seem sincere" which reminds me a lot of my teenage years. When I was a teenager I was bit of a mosher, bushy hair, baggy clothes, I think I may have once worn a chain. It was when I first started going to clubs as well.

So this is about that.


Pound our arms in the air
a fistful salute to bourbon
and fizzy drinks.

We don't rock out, we
mosh, fumble and wrestle
through pits.

This isn't a dance, and
it's not for her, it's for
everyone else.

We high five when our
favourite song comes on.

The air is always cool
no matter where we are.

And under those lights
and that smoke machine
you are king. And we;

We are stars.

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