Saturday, 2 April 2011

NaPoWriMo: Day 1

Morning all,

National poetry writing month is upon us, and began yesterday! I have a poem for you, brand new and hopefully you'll enjoy it. I'll be writing a rough draft each day and posting a poem on here the day after, so whilst this is day 2 right're reading poem 1. My final poem will be up on the 1st of May!

The first is called Galactus Hungers! For those of you who don't know, Galactus is a Marvel comics character, who eats planets and worlds. He's always accompanied by the Silver Surfer, another cosmic character who seeks out planets for him. I quite like that relationship of master and servant and wondered what it would be like for Galactus to reach old age and start dying, in a very human way. I like to think that the Silver Surfer would be there by his side. Anyway, here's poem 1,

Galactus Hungers!

He floats on metallic bodyboard
reflecting white dwarf light across
Bedroom cosmos; he brings coffee
weak and milky, empties my bedpan.
I don't remember dreaming.

I eat baby red giant for breakfast
only manage the atmosphere
He wants to know how I'm feeling
Holds my hand, emits and Kirby crackle
That I cannot feel.

Today I'm five years old and devour
planets filled with sentient life
I chase galaxies and climb nebulae
and shout for my father. Instead I see
silvery wisp of surfboard.

He says I cry when I sleep but
I can't. Galactus doesn't cry.
Galactus hungers! Galactus destroys!
My prescence repeals physical law
or did, or does, I forget.

I wonder how it will happen
whether I'll fall and break or rather
just sleep away forever, while
the universe turns. He reads adventures,
daring do's, Burroughs, Kipling.

Teenage years were; notorious menace
Twenties spend terrorising; grew into
Sunken eyes and bar fights, now this
Pathetic weak man, cannot even stand
Galactus hungers. Indeed.

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