Sunday, 24 April 2011

NaPoWriMo: Day 22

So I've attempted a rhyming poem below for my day 22. Trust me, it reads aloud better than it looks. I had messy form today.

I Remember

I remember being lost in dancing forests,
staggering, wavering and drunk.
I remember holding onto something, or someone
readying myself for throwing up.
I remember hands steadying
my eye-rhymed vision,
leaning in and whispering
with a cool precision.
I remember your hands, your shirt, your kiss
but not your name;
nor your face, but I remember rain,
a taxi, a bedroom and a dream
of forests dancing and a silhouette in a stream
of conciousness parade,
and I remember waking up in an alien location
shuffling in late night footwear over to the station,
I remember those fleeting moments,
a dance, a drink, a kiss,
and lose myself in dancing forest thickets, the abyss.

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