Wednesday, 6 April 2011

NaPoWriMo: Day 5

April is named after Aphrodite, who didn't have the easiest life. This one's for her.


Think of her, Jeremy Kyle strapline
queen, drunk on love and greek wine

she'll tell you, she's got excuses.

No childhood, mistake from the get go
she was made from disgarded manhood,
true story.

She whines about cursed beauty,
cast-off arranged marriage,
a magic girdle,

Gave snake hair and stoney gaze
to jealous eyes across the bar,
lost a lover out of revenge.

Went to hell and back once.

So think of her, Opera Winfrey
couch legend,

she'll tell you, she's got excuses.


  1. invite you to contribute a poem to poets rally week 41, a free verse is accepted.

    We encourage, we share, we love poets, and we have fun..

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    Hope to see you in.